The Company

Trade Dory is an international relation, business development & trade company, located in Israel, operating worldwide.  We operate in a diversity of fields and activities such as: Agribusiness & Food, W.W.T Solutions, Health Tech, Education, Technology & Consulting, Industry, Security and more.

We are solution oriented and involved with advanced technologies especially for the Post Covid19 world and the Next New Normal Reality (NNNR). We are exploring new technologies to address future needs and at the same time presenting advanced solutions for current needs, while striving for sustainability and eco-friendly environment

We have presence and business partners in more than 20 countries, serving our clients as their trusted business partner


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision – is to promote and distribute innovative solutions, creating business opportunities for worldwide companies & organizations, while generating true added value. We strive to provide modern and advanced skills leading to sustainable economic development

Our mission – as we see the Next New Normal Reality & the Post Covid19 World as a ‘Game Changer’ due to exponential technology growth that may change culture, thus aiming to be in the right timing in order to bring positive impact for a better world and eco-friendly environment